I'm Clare Dollard, aka Clare Elisabeth.

I run the show 'round these parts. I've been running around with a camera since I was about 10 years old, and I've been officially in this biz since 2018. 

I specialize in family portraiture, but I photograph everything from weddings to birthdays to anything in between.

I love a good pop of color, and I like to incorporate that into my images. I love capturing my clients authentically, in their element. And if that's totally your jam, or you might think my overall vibe seems right for you, let's work together.

xo, Clare

⋒ I am one embarrassing fur mama to Minnie (our 5yo beagle mix) + Chewbacca (Chewy for short, our 4yo Dutch lop bunny rabbit).
⋒ I am just slightly addicted to coffee. Those caffeine withdrawal headaches are NO joke.
⋒ I have four tattoos (+ counting).
⋒ I am married to my high school sweetheart, Vincent, after dating for 9+ years.
⋒ If money, jobs, or literally anything else were no object, I would move to the Adirondack Mountains in a heartbeat, fo' real. Gimme all the lakes + mountains, every GD day.

⋒ I make a seriously boss buffalo chicken dip. Ask anyone that knows me; they can attest.
⋒ I have always been a creative, artsy "type," which has led me to this killer job + a passion for writing + my heightened interest in design.
⋒ I am convinced that my Cuban great-grandfather inspired my love for Latin music, food & culture. Also, CUBAN RUM? *Chef's kiss!


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