I’ve been putting some feelers out to do some more in-home sessions while it’s frigid and miserable outside for the next 84 months (sliiiight exaggeration), and while I’ve had plenty of hits, nothing beats a good ol’ outdoor session with natural light. Peyton, my brother Aidan’s girlfriend, volunteered the two of them to do another […]

It’s been a while since I last blogged anything, so here’s something. While this year has been a doozy, we’re somehow getting through it together. Even though we are at least six feet apart and wearing masks, of course. Regardless of how insane we all feel & how much sh*t 2020 has thrown at us, […]

I was SO excited when Nick’s mom reached out to me for an engagement session for her son & his fiancée Megan. Nick grew up playing baseball in the neighborhood with my kid brothers & my husband. Needless to say it was so cool to see him all grown up and engaged no less! Megan […]

Eden & Cuyler actually found me after my dad and a neighbor recommended me to them when Eden was looking for an engagement photographer in the Albany area on a neighborhood message board. Not only was I honored to have been recommended to her, but I was even more excited when her & Cuyler chose […]


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