I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alyssa and her beautiful family around Christmas time 2020. And what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season than visiting a local Christmas tree farm? I had the little ones do some “boring” posing to start because I knew they’d get antsy and sure enough, the minute I plopped them down on the picnic blanket in the grass, they were shivering from the cold and itching to get up and run around & play. To liven things up, I let them run wild & free for most of the photos and honestly, no regrets. Letting kids be themselves is the way to be when you’re a photographer. I have learned so much from this job, and in working with children for 2/3 of my life, I know how to be with kiddos when it comes to having them in front of the camera. They were so fun screeching and chasing each other, I would just hate to break it up and be a mean photographer. So we made it fun, and when the mamas and the two older “kids” joined in for photos, it was one big happy group that I was thrilled to photograph. I mean, just look at this crew – all the plaid, all the smiles, all the cuddles, all the love. Thank you, Alyssa, for choosing me to capture these special portraits for you and your lovely family. And Merry Christmas!

Alyssa & Family