Alyssa and I met, along with one of her daughters and her boyfriend, at Buckingham Pond, a small park with a dirty-looking waterfront right in the middle of our neighborhood in Albany. It was a beautiful sunny day, warm but not too hot, with a slight breeze. We seriously couldn’t have asked for better weather. There were plenty of people perusing the park, its playground and picnic tables. We even witnessed a few people fishing in the pond along our walk. I started off the session by having Alyssa stand in front of a beautiful bunch of greenery with the sun shining through behind her. It was picture perfect! We wandered around the area for a good 40 minutes taking plenty of photographs. Alyssa’s boyfriend Sean even got in for a few shots; these two were so sweet together. The sun began setting about halfway through the session, and the light was absolutely spectacular. I could not get over how beautiful it was shining through the trees. This was such a fun session and I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph you, Alyssa. Thank you so much for being so great & making my job an easy one!