Whew, I am slacking! Here we are in June, and this session was done back in January. Oops. Forgive me for being so bad about blogging these past 6 months or so. But every one of my clients deserves their chance to shine, so here we are.

Angela and I went to high school together (SO long ago, we are SO old), and when I found out she was pregnant with her third child and asked me to do maternity photos with her, I was ecstatic. Full disclosure: I am obsessed with maternity photography. There is nothing more beautiful and absolutely amazing than a mama in her element. Her and her fiance Tah met me at the Crossings in Colonie for their session, and it while it wasn’t freezing out, the pond at the park was completely frozen over and we had to tread over large patches of ice along the walkways.

Angela wore a beautiful flowing red dress, with matching floral crown. (I mean, c’mon, this mama rocked the hell out of it!) and Tah had matching accents of red throughout his dapper outfit. Couple goals, for sure. We had a blast walking around a tiny bit and got some killer images. And not even one month later, baby #3 came into the world.

I am so lucky I get to have this job where I can reconnect with old friends and help celebrate exciting times in their lives with them. It is so special to me to be able to do so, and I am so, so grateful. Thank you, Angela & Tah – you both rocked it!


Angela & Tah