When Brandon responded to my model call, I honestly did not expect him and his family to dress to the nines for our shoot. My jaw nearly dropped when Brandon, his mother and his grandmother all got out their car dressed like they were ready for the red carpet. Mom and Grandma wore beautiful white, flowy dresses with gold accents and *stunning* matching heels. Brandon rounded out the look with white jeans and a white button-up, also with all gold accents. To top it off, he even brought along a gold crown. I was all about it. We had a lot of fun during our session by the waterfront. I had never been to the location we were shooting before–Riverfront Park in Rensselaer–and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the fun little treasure troves sprinkled around the park. I could tell from our initial conversations that Brandon was a family man, and I think it definitely shows in these photographs. Thank you, Brandon, mom and grandma for coming out to shoot with me on a super hot & humid summer evening – you guys seriously rocked it!

Brandon & Family