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Hiya, friend! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you'll find tons of past sessions, session/wedding tips & tricks, and free resources regarding all types of photography.

Sierra and Zach so graciously volunteered for my idea to do an impromptu model call for a couples’ session at Thacher Park. The view at the park alone never disappoints. But add in a dose of perfect evening weather and an adorable couple, and we were making magic, baby. I mean, these colors – SERIOUSLY?! […]

Couple’s Session at Thacher Park

I’ve been in a little bit of a rut lately and it’s been very disheartening and discouraging and most days it’s difficult to push through some of these feelings and do anything at all. But every now and then, something happens that lifts me out of my depression and puts an enormous grin on my […]

Anna & Megan – Engaged

I’ve been putting some feelers out to do some more in-home sessions while it’s frigid and miserable outside for the next 84 months (sliiiight exaggeration), and while I’ve had plenty of hits, nothing beats a good ol’ outdoor session with natural light. Peyton, my brother Aidan’s girlfriend, volunteered the two of them to do another […]

Let’s go Buffalo!

I found Sara after I put out a search for a local couple to let me come into their humble abode and practice some in-home photography. Let me just preface this by saying that I feel so lucky to have this job and be able to go to new places and meet great people. Sara […]

Sara & Brian

Remember these two cuties? I’ll give you a little refresher. Back in 2019 Kirsten and Emmanuel took part in my backyard mini sessions and they loved the photos we took together so much that when Emmanuel asked Kirsten to marry him, she messaged me the very same week for engagement photos. I seriously was over […]

Kirsten & Emmanuel 2020

I was SO excited when Nick’s mom reached out to me for an engagement session for her son & his fiancée Megan. Nick grew up playing baseball in the neighborhood with my kid brothers & my husband. Needless to say it was so cool to see him all grown up and engaged no less! Megan […]

Megan & Nick

Eden & Cuyler actually found me after my dad and a neighbor recommended me to them when Eden was looking for an engagement photographer in the Albany area on a neighborhood message board. Not only was I honored to have been recommended to her, but I was even more excited when her & Cuyler chose […]

Eden & Cuyler

I met Grace & Brendan at their session at the Normanskill Preserve in Albany in late September. Grace is so sweet and kind, and Brendan is equal parts kind and friendly. The couple brought 2 outfit changes and made an adventure out of having to change in the car. As uncomfortable and weird as that […]

Grace & Brendan

Maddie & Elijah answered one of my model calls and I must admit, they did not disappoint. These cuties were so sweet together – young and clearly in love. We had a lovely golden hour session at the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany in September 2020. And we made some serious magic happen. They […]

Maddie & Elijah

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