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the journal

I’ve been putting some feelers out to do some more in-home sessions while it’s frigid and miserable outside for the next 84 months (sliiiight exaggeration), and while I’ve had plenty of hits, nothing beats a good ol’ outdoor session with natural light. Peyton, my brother Aidan’s girlfriend, volunteered the two of them to do another […]

All the way back in June (this is how far behind I am on blogging, guys, yeeeesh), I put out a model call for a couple or a family to help me with some promo photos for mini sessions I was planning on doing. As it turned out, I didn’t wind up doing ANY mini […]

Aidan, my youngest brother–aka the baby in the family–and his girlfriend Peyton are always down to model for me. I remember walking through Washington Park one afternoon with a friend, and spotted these gorgeous lilacs in full bloom throughout the park. I knew I had to put someone in front of them to take portraits; […]


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