Hello, new friend! I am so glad you are here. This is my blog / journal / safe space to randomly vent and write creatively about all the goings-on at CEP. Thank you for stopping in and checking this out. I already appreciate you. Here are some fun things you can look forward to when reading this blog: lots and lots of personal/miscellaenous adventures, adorable little families, the sweetest, most fun-loving couples to ever grace your computer screen, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

families, engagements, weddings & everything in between.

Welcome to the blog

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All the way back in June (this is how far behind I am on blogging, guys, yeeeesh), I put out a model call for a couple or a family to help me with some promo photos for mini sessions I was planning on doing. As it turned out, I didn’t wind up doing ANY mini […]

Maria & Sean

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Aidan, my youngest brother–aka the baby in the family–and his girlfriend Peyton are always down to model for me. I remember walking through Washington Park one afternoon with a friend, and spotted these gorgeous lilacs in full bloom throughout the park. I knew I had to put someone in front of them to take portraits; […]

Peyton & Aidan

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My brother Aidan and his girlfriend Peyton were home from college for Christmas break, and I hit them up for a couple’s session at the New York State Museum. The lighting wasn’t ideal, and I would have much rather had our session outside, but upstate New York winters are brutal, and this one proved no […]

Peyton & Aidan

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I have known Alex since our elementary school days at St. Teresa of Avila School way back when. When I heard that Alex was engaged to Zack and was looking to do some engagement photos, I was thrilled that they chose me to photograph them. We met at the New York State Museum, with the […]

Alex & Zack

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Funny story. I have known Molly since she was but a fetus with her twin sister Clara in her mother’s womb. My mother brought me (at 2 months old) to the hospital to meet the twins when they were born. Needless to say, she has been my best friend for nearly 30 years now (yikes, […]

Molly & Billy

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My brother Peter started dating Lauren a little over a year ago. They have grown incredibly close over that period of time, and Lauren has essentially become a part of the McKenna family. Peter went off to vet school in the Caribbean back in late August, and we try our hardest to keep Lauren connected […]

Lauren & Peter

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Forgive me for taking absolutely FOREVER to post these… Meen reached out to me for my JULY mini sessions (yes, I know, it has been over 2 months) via email and expressed an interest in having her and her fiancé Lucas swing by for some portraits. Meen & Lucas were just about the CUTEST couple […]

Meen & Lucas

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Kirsten reached out to me in regards to my Mini Session event that I held on July 7th, expressing an interest in getting some photos of her, her boyfriend Emmanuel, and their dog Rashes. I was already excited about this session before we even started. Mostly because I knew the couple was bringing their dog […]

Kirsten & Emmanuel

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