Been having a little fun lately with Photoshop…

I have been working hard to create an image and a reputation for myself and my business and lately I have been feeling so good about things that I took them to the next level. Here is a sample of some of the upcoming design work you will be seeing in the next few weeks/months! […]

I was recently asked by my Aunt Jennifer to design some logos & graphics for her political campaign. She is running for First Selectman in Southbury, Connecticut (so if you live there, VOTE FOR HER!) and needed some designs made up. I happily obliged. Below you will see examples of her logo, palm card, fundraiser […]

It is currently 1:30 in the morning and while I am rather exhausted, I am also way too excited to sleep. And the reason I am way too excited to sleep is because I’m getting so much done with some editing, my website and some really, really, really fun designs that I can’t wait to […]