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Hiya, friend! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you'll find tons of past sessions, session/wedding tips & tricks, and free resources regarding all types of photography.

We went to DC last weekend to visit my sister and future brother-in-law, and while I didn’t take enough photos, I wanted to share some of the ones I did take. First stop was the Botanical Gardens which was bonkers-busy and crawling with way too many people, but it was so lovely and we enjoyed […]

Weekend in Washington, D.C.

Just some snippets of things around our humble abode. Enjoy.

Around Our House

So I have clearly been slacking HARDCORE when it comes to blogging. I have so many sessions and weddings to blog that the thought of doing any single one right now is entirely overwhelming. I promise I will eventually get to everyone’s sessions and weddings, and I probably should have used the off-season to catch […]

2022 Updates!

It’s about damn time I blogged this beautiful winter wedding. Alexis & James grew up together, and fate brought them together several years ago when they decided to start dating. The rest is history. Their beautiful January 2022 wedding at the Desmond Hotel was inevitably freezing cold, but these two tied the knot in stride […]

Winter Wedding at the Desmond

I have been so bad with blogging this year (what else is new, though honestly?) and I really want to make a point of being better from here on out. It could just be because I am feeling extra thankful and blessed after a lovely Thanksgiving holiday spent with family, but I feel the need […]

thankful, grateful, blessed

Tonight I was feeling down in the dumps (see Instagram reel) and in an effort to cure my blues, I broke out my camera and my newest lens and took some photos around our living room and right outside of our apartment. I wanted to post them because I was genuinely very happy with how […]

just things

Visited one of my favorite new hidden gems in Albany before the rain came. I am looking forward to doing some shoots here in the next few weeks! This spot is only 10 minutes from my house and it’s always so peaceful. I love peering into the community garden and seeing what’s growing and what’s […]

Normanskill Farm Visit & Reflecting

It’s been a while since I last blogged anything, so here’s something. While this year has been a doozy, we’re somehow getting through it together. Even though we are at least six feet apart and wearing masks, of course. Regardless of how insane we all feel & how much sh*t 2020 has thrown at us, […]

winter blues

My very best friends since birth moved up to Middlebury, Vermont when we were teenagers. While it was devastating when they left and I couldn’t run up the street in literally 30 seconds to see them anymore, it was great to know I had a place to escape to should I need a quick getaway. […]

Middlebury, VT

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