It’s been a while since I last blogged anything, so here’s something. While this year has been a doozy, we’re somehow getting through it together. Even though we are at least six feet apart and wearing masks, of course. Regardless of how insane we all feel & how much sh*t 2020 has thrown at us, […]

My very best friends since birth moved up to Middlebury, Vermont when we were teenagers. While it was devastating when they left and I couldn’t run up the street in literally 30 seconds to see them anymore, it was great to know I had a place to escape to should I need a quick getaway. […]

Backstory: I had been in need of some head shots of myself for my website, and I had scoured the internet for days on end to find a photographer to take them for me. Most of the photographers I reached out to did not even have the common courtesy to respond with a “No,” and […]

I have been so, so terrible at blogging lately, and I am going to make up for it now by showing you some ADORABLE images below. But first! Happy Easter. During this super weird and scary time in the world right now, and celebrating a holiday in self-isolation or self-quarantine is not exactly what we […]