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Hiya, friend! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here you'll find tons of past sessions, session/wedding tips & tricks, and free resources regarding all types of photography.

Woweeeeeeee am I behind on blogging. What better time than quarantine during COVID-19 to catch up! Here’s a fun session from I wanna say March? LOL. The days are blurring together, Lord help me. Allison, help me out — when did we shoot this? Hahaha. I do remember putting out a model call to friends […]


I realized how behind I am on blogging some sessions, so this is my (likely unsuccessful) attempt at catching up! I apologize to some of my clients whom I photographed a few months ago and never got around to sharing their images. Allison and I have known each other since we were kids. Our dads […]


Heather and I connected over Facebook just recently when I put out a model call in search of new ways to build my portfolio. She is actually my own mother’s coworker and she expressed an interest in getting some cool + edgy photographs down by the Plaza. I excitedly agreed to meet her and take […]


Alyssa and I met, along with one of her daughters and her boyfriend, at Buckingham Pond, a small park with a dirty-looking waterfront right in the middle of our neighborhood in Albany. It was a beautiful sunny day, warm but not too hot, with a slight breeze. We seriously couldn’t have asked for better weather. […]


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