It is currently 1:30 in the morning and while I am rather exhausted, I am also way too excited to sleep. And the reason I am way too excited to sleep is because I’m getting so much done with some editing, my website and some really, really, really fun designs that I can’t wait to share with you all.

But first, I need to share some backstory with you.

My brother Peter has been working on getting into Veterinary School for a few years now. He has seriously worked his butt off and deserves this opportunity more than anybody I know. After many years of all that hard work, he is finally set to attend Ross University in St. Kitts this August. Myself and my family could not be more proud of him. Really, truly (we’ve always known he was the smartest McKenna kid). To celebrate him and wish him well on this huge journey that lies ahead of him, my mom and dad wanted to throw him a party. Naturally, my mother came to me to make up the party invitations. And naturally, I went to town on them. In spite of my excitement for these invitations and things that I have had a blast working on all night, my true excitement lies with and for my brother as he steps out into the world and pursues this wonderful dream he’s had for so long.

Here’s a look at some of the things I’ve been working on for the party…


Tropical Return Address Label


Tropical RSVP Card


Tropical Party Invitation


Tropical Envelope Seal


Best of luck to you, Dr. Pete! 

For those of you following along, I will likely be taking photographs at this party and you bet your butts I’ll be posting them when the time comes.

designing til the crack of dawn