Eden & Cuyler actually found me after my dad and a neighbor recommended me to them when Eden was looking for an engagement photographer in the Albany area on a neighborhood message board. Not only was I honored to have been recommended to her, but I was even more excited when her & Cuyler chose me out of all the photographers recommended to them. Talk about a serious confidence boost!

When I asked Eden & Cuyler how they met, they told me that they were both working in a cheese shop when they got together. I immediately fell in love with their love story – because CHEESE, obviously. They told me they loved pairing cheese and wine on dates with one another and before long, their little cheese & wine love affair turned into this beautiful relationship. So romantic, right? Like an absolute dream.

We captured their session at Washington Park in Albany, and they brought along their large but adorable pit pup, and when they did, I knew they were 100% my kind of people. Cheese, wine, and dogs? I couldn’t have asked for more in a dream client! Not only all of that, but they were both so sweet and kind and genuine, and it was SO easy to photograph their love behind my camera. I am so thrilled for the two of you crazy kids on your engagement and I hope you both have the most fantastic wedding in September, and the most blissful marriage ever! Wishing you all the best!

Eden & Cuyler