I met Grace & Brendan at their session at the Normanskill Preserve in Albany in late September. Grace is so sweet and kind, and Brendan is equal parts kind and friendly. The couple brought 2 outfit changes and made an adventure out of having to change in the car. As uncomfortable and weird as that must have been, these cuties clearly pulled it off without a hitch. I mean, like, just look at these two – can you say MODEL STATUS?! They’re like one of those couples they put in the picture frame at the store to get you to buy the frame. I wish I had an ounce of their good looks, sheesh! I had such a fun afternoon with the two of them, playing around with poses and outfits and just generally having a grand ol’ time. Special shoutout to Brendan for going along with some of Grace and my crazy photo ideas; and a BIG thank you to the both of you beautiful humans for hopping in front of my camera. Hope to do it again sometime soon!

Grace & Brendan