Heather and I connected over Facebook just recently when I put out a model call in search of new ways to build my portfolio. She is actually my own mother’s coworker and she expressed an interest in getting some cool + edgy photographs down by the Plaza. I excitedly agreed to meet her and take some photographs. Well, it stormed all afternoon the day of our shoot, and I dreaded having to potentially cancel. We played it by ear, though, and I am SO glad we did because the rain held off for us until it got too dark to shoot anyway. And then it poured. Raining cats & dogs. BUT! We were able to get a ton of GREAT shots in around the Plaza and I cannot sincerely express to you, dear reader, how stoked I was to be shooting this session. Heather was super chill and awesome and easy to work with. Not to mention, she had two INCREDIBLE outfits for the session and she absolutely rocked both of them (and this session!). Thank you, Heather, for reaching out and connecting with me. I am so glad you did because look at how awesome these photos are!