To preface this session, I will tell you about an awesome little group on Facebook called “Buy Nothing Albany, New York,” where local people post and share items they are looking to get rid of and/or in search of. The best part: it’s all free! I love the whole idea of this group; it builds community and helps many in need. Another local photographer suggested it to me, and she had this great idea (shoutout to you, Hannah N!) to offer a session or two in the group. So many people and families jumped at the opportunity for her, and I thought it would be a nice thing to do and also a good drive for business. My post got a ton of hits, and I randomly chose two families. The first family session I did was this family, the Khans. And they were so, super nice and sweet from the very beginning of our communications.

The day of their session, the wind was blowing something fierce and we tried to do most of our hour together outdoors, until it became way too much for all of us (especially 4-year-old H.) and we ventured indoors to the New York State Museum. I loved that H. brought along their 4th family member, Elmo, and we were able to get some pretty neat shots atop the 4th floor of the museum with the whole family. Thank you to the Khan family for trusting in me and for allowing me to have such a wonderful time doing my job. #lovethisjobofmine

The Khan Family