My brother Peter started dating Lauren a little over a year ago. They have grown incredibly close over that period of time, and Lauren has essentially become a part of the McKenna family. Peter went off to vet school in the Caribbean back in late August, and we try our hardest to keep Lauren connected to the family. Before Peter went away, though, I asked if the two of them would want to do a couple’s session with me for some practice, but also to gift them some nice, professional photographs. Of course things started off a bit awkward (I was photographing my brother kissing his girlfriend which was weird for all parties involved), but once I started shooting and they got the hang of it, everybody grew more comfortable. I was so happy I got to take these images of these love birds. Not only for myself, but for them, too. Thank you, Lauren + Peter, for letting me take incredibly awkward photos of you guys and sharing them on the internet. Also – you guys are pretty darn cute together, I must admit.

Lauren & Peter