In the Dollard household, Sundays are pretty much our favorite day of the week. Vin and I lounge in our pajamas nearly the entire day. We spend the majority of the morning sleeping in, or just laying in bed. Minnie is there, too, of course. She’s actually the biggest bum of us all. She is tough to get out of bed on Sunday mornings (which, if you know Minnie, is incredibly unlike her – most other mornings she is jumping on us as soon as we make any single sudden movements indicating we are awake).

This morning, I was up early and out of the house by 7:45am, but I left the two of them to sleep soundly. When I returned at 11, I broke out my camera and decided to capture some images of these two sleepy heads, as well as Chewy, our pet rabbit in our second bedroom. The natural light coming through our windows was soooo dreamy and I had to take advantage of it. Love mornings and days like these where we have absolutely zero responsibilities and get to just chill in bed or on the couch and snack all day. It’s the little things.

lazy sundays at our house