I’ve been putting some feelers out to do some more in-home sessions while it’s frigid and miserable outside for the next 84 months (sliiiight exaggeration), and while I’ve had plenty of hits, nothing beats a good ol’ outdoor session with natural light. Peyton, my brother Aidan’s girlfriend, volunteered the two of them to do another session with me and of course I took them up on their offer. However, we somehow wound up picking the coldest and windiest day of the week, and froze our little butts off for 25 minutes before calling it quits. But honestly, don’t they just look so cute all bundled up? And in their Buffalo Bills hats no less? While I couldn’t feel my hands for a good 30 minutes following photographing these cuties, these photographs were well worth it! The colors, the lighting, everything was (almost) perfect. Just except for that tiny little windchill of 20 degrees factor. Regardless, I got some lovely images of Peyton & Aidan on Jay Street in downtown Albany, and we will certainly be setting up more once the weather gets warmer (so, like, 4 years from now). Thanks, guys for always being down to model for me. You always rock it! Love ya!

Let’s go Buffalo!