My very best friends since birth moved up to Middlebury, Vermont when we were teenagers. While it was devastating when they left and I couldn’t run up the street in literally 30 seconds to see them anymore, it was great to know I had a place to escape to should I need a quick getaway. My friends great-grandmother and grandmother and grandfather both owned two beautiful old farmhouses on a big land lot right across the street from one another. I spent many weekends in high school driving up north to both homes to visit my friends and their sincerely gracious family. It was because of those many, many trips that my love for the state of Vermont had flourished. I knew the route from my home in Albany, New York to their home in Middlebury, Vermont like the back of my hand. I loved it so much there, that in 2018, I had my bachelorette weekend there with my sister and a bunch of friends. It was super low-key and I loved it.

So this past weekend, when my friend Molly invited my sister and I up for a night or two, I jumped at the chance. My sister Cailin and I drove the 2.5 hour trip on Saturday morning, through the gorgeous countryside, past plentiful cows and green pastures. We enjoyed a nice, relaxing girls’ weekend together with Molly, and visited Molly’s parents Matt & Annie across the street, who so graciously provided us a delicious homegrown, home cooked farm dinner. They even sent us home with a load of veggies from their overgrowing garden.

I am so grateful for the chance to be able to get away, if only for a night, to such a beautiful place as this.


Middlebury, VT