Good afternoon, all!

I wanted to share with you some photographs of (one of) my favorite place(s) in the world (if we’re being totally honest right now, I have TWO favorite places in the world; not including my own home). So, tied for my favorite place in the world: VENICE, ITALY.

I went to Venice for the first & only time back in February of 2016. My sister and I traveled to Venice from Vienna, Austria by train. To start, the train ride through the frickin’ Alps was aaaamazing. It snowed for part of the way there, and it was so beautiful my little heart could not get over it.

Unfortunately, I did not take many photographs on the train. In hindsight, I should have been snapping away. But now I guess I’ll just have to go back and do the trip all over again. And I’m obviously not mad about it.

We reached the border of Austria and Italy in Brenner/Brennero. My sister thankfully snagged these awesome images:

Pretty neat, huh? So that was just our trip to Venice. When we got to Venice, the weather miraculously cleared up (the week we had spent in Austria prior to arriving in Italy was cold and dreary the whole time). The one full day we had in Venice was 55 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather to explore the city in. And what a gorgeous place! The waterfronts, the old buildings, the beautiful stone bridges. All of it. I fell in LOVE with it all almost immediately.

We didn’t have much time to spend exploring, but here are some of the things we did do:

  • I had the best gnocchi OF MY LIFE, and the worst pizza of my life.
  • We ate gelato by the water and it was delicious and AWESOME all at once.
  • We visited the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square.
  • We had Italian espresso in a real Italian cafe.


Just ignore the fact that most of those things involved food… Needless to say, Italian is my absolute favorite type of food. At any rate, it was a wonderful time with beautiful scenery and weather and delicious food and I would KILL to go back. Without further ado, here are some photographs I took on our trip. Enjoy!


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