Trying to nail focus has been my biggest photography struggle lately. I also like to blame the fact that I am “still learning” and using “new” gear, etc. etc. etc. Excuses, excuses. Yes, I know. I think the real underlying issue is that I don’t take my time when it comes to taking the “money shot.” Of course I want to make sure to take plenty of good photographs, but I think for whatever reason, I worry that I am boring my client and I don’t want to take so long to adjust everything. But then I get sub-par images, and I disappoint myself and the client. I know, photographers don’t talk about making the mistakes. I’m trying to be transparent with all my past and future clients in saying that I really am still learning — even the most professional photographers are! — and if I don’t get the PERFECT shot the first time around, I will work with you to absolutely get that image. Here is an image (see directly below) that would honestly be much more powerful if I had TAKEN MY TIME and focused more on my eye, rather than my sweaty, stringy, messy hair. I want to document my progress, so I’m keeping this image here to reference later (when I’m rich and famous and take AMAZING photographs!). Keep scrolling to see a couple more images of my progression.

I worked a little harder on the images below – I made sure the light was right, my face was in focus. Aside from my silly expressions, I really did try my best to snap these images. Notice how my eyes are much more in focus? You can so much as count each of my eyelashes. Or you can even see some of my eyebrow hairs askew. Regardless of my facial flaws, can we all agree that the focus here is getting better? Now scroll below these photos to see even more progress! (Can you tell I’m excited?!)

I’ll be honest and say I don’t like the lighting as much in this photo above as I do in the first photograph. However — you can SEE (no pun intended…) how the focus is a bit sharper on my eyeball in this image than in the first. Still could use some work, but hey, we’re trying here, people, OK? Also, thanks for reading this incredibly odd blog post. Byeeeee.

nailing focus