Hello, new friend! I am so glad you are here. This is my blog / journal / safe space to randomly vent and write creatively about all the goings-on at CEP. Thank you for stopping in and checking this out. I already appreciate you. Here are some fun things you can look forward to when reading this blog: lots and lots of personal/miscellaenous adventures, adorable little families, the sweetest, most fun-loving couples to ever grace your computer screen, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

families, engagements, weddings & everything in between.

Welcome to the blog

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All the way back in June (this is how far behind I am on blogging, guys, yeeeesh), I put out a model call for a couple or a family to help me with some promo photos for mini sessions I was planning on doing. As it turned out, I didn’t wind up doing ANY mini […]

Maria & Sean

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Now is as good a time as any to get back into blogging. Oopsies. I’ve been wanting to share this session since I photographed it (so many months ago!), but I figure now that it’s the week of Jessie & Bran’s marriage, this would be the perfect opportunity! Jessie and I met working at the […]

The Cosmes

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I have known Gabby and Christian since they were tiny when I used to babysit Gabby’s best friends Ava, Mia, & their sister, also named Gabby. Talk about confusing, haha. It was always fun to see the kids play with one another outside of school or on the playground. While I don’t know Gabby and […]

Quarantined Birthdays

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Aidan, my youngest brother–aka the baby in the family–and his girlfriend Peyton are always down to model for me. I remember walking through Washington Park one afternoon with a friend, and spotted these gorgeous lilacs in full bloom throughout the park. I knew I had to put someone in front of them to take portraits; […]

Peyton & Aidan

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I have been so, so terrible at blogging lately, and I am going to make up for it now by showing you some ADORABLE images below. But first! Happy Easter. During this super weird and scary time in the world right now, and celebrating a holiday in self-isolation or self-quarantine is not exactly what we […]

Easter Bunny

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Woweeeeeeee am I behind on blogging. What better time than quarantine during COVID-19 to catch up! Here’s a fun session from I wanna say March? LOL. The days are blurring together, Lord help me. Allison, help me out — when did we shoot this? Hahaha. I do remember putting out a model call to friends […]


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I have photographed Angela and her family multiple times already in the past year or so, and honestly I will never get tired of it. I was so excited when she asked me back to photograph the newest addition to the family: Isaac. He was a precious baby angel & I could seriously snap photographs […]

Baby Isaac

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When I extended an offer for a free family session in a Facebook group in mid-January, LaTisha reached out to me expressing an interest in getting family portraits taken. I was thrilled to work with this sweet family. On the day of their session, it was very chilly and the kids were bundled up in […]

The Harris Family

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Whew, I am slacking! Here we are in June, and this session was done back in January. Oops. Forgive me for being so bad about blogging these past 6 months or so. But every one of my clients deserves their chance to shine, so here we are. Angela and I went to high school together […]

Angela & Tah

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