My brother Aidan and his girlfriend Peyton were home from college for Christmas break, and I hit them up for a couple’s session at the New York State Museum. The lighting wasn’t ideal, and I would have much rather had our session outside, but upstate New York winters are brutal, and this one proved no different. We wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds outdoors for this session, so we moved our way into the museum and up to the 4th floor. I looove the 4th floor of the NYS Museum because it is wide open with humongous windows that let in a ton of natural light and give you a grand view of the Empire State Plaza below. And, for the kids, there’s a carousel (which is unfortunately not always open when I go up there, but it still makes for some cute pics on the outskirts of it). Aidan and Peyton are and were adorable – and we had a blast walking around upstairs and getting some even more adorable photos. I love watching these two together – and I loved photographing it, too! Thank you, Peyton & Aidan for letting me photograph you + making it a good time.

Peyton & Aidan