In case you didn’t know, my constant state of being is TIRED. I work 40ish hours a week behind a desk, while trying to maintain some type of a social life, while all of our house chores wait around for me to do them, while also pursuing this dream of having my business take off. The dreaming in itself is exhausting, let me just tell ya. This post is for all the hard workers out there who still GET. SH!T. DONE. — despite being SO exhausted and burnt out. I took these photographs below initially to test out a new camera lens I just purchased (I LOVE NEW GEAR!), but looking at them even just a day later, I love how I was able to capture my definition of EXHAUSTION in just a few images. Life can get in the way of a lot of (seemingly) important things. Some things take priority (in my case, I NEED creativity to survive), and others sit on the backburner (in my case, house chores). After these photos were taken, I was motivated to fold that gigantic mound of clothes and put them away. So honestly, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun before you get to work… Remember that when you’re super burnt out and drowning in house chores.

piles of laundry consume my life