I have known Gabby and Christian since they were tiny when I used to babysit Gabby’s best friends Ava, Mia, & their sister, also named Gabby. Talk about confusing, haha. It was always fun to see the kids play with one another outside of school or on the playground. While I don’t know Gabby and Christian as well as I knew Ava and her sisters, I knew they were good kids and enjoyed watching their friendships grow. When Gabby & Christian’s mom Michelle reached out to me to do birthday photos of the kiddos, I jumped at the chance because I am all about celebrating birthdays and everything celebrating birthdays entails: colorful balloons, cupcakes, blowing out candles, opening gifts.

However — the poor kids would be celebrating their birthdays during a global pandemic, in quarantine, which meant they wouldn’t be able to have big parties or really celebrate much at all. These photos were a fun way to celebrate on a smaller scale and then later share them with friends & family, and I loved being the one to help them with that goal in mind.

I met up with Michelle and the kids at a local golf course one summer evening and it was an absolutely gorgeous night with the green grassy hills covered in beautiful golden hour sunlight. It could not have been more picture perfect. And I love how these images turned out! Special thank you to Michelle for thinking of me and allowing me to photograph her super sweet kiddos. I hope to work with you and your little fam someday again soon!


Quarantined Birthdays