In case you live under a rock, or you aren’t from around here, the Northeast was blasted with a winter storm yesterday (expected to continue until tomorrow morning) and it was a doozy. Like, shoveling your car out for 2 hours type of doozy. Like, up to your knees type of doozy. Like, gimme all the hot cocoa you have STAT type of doozy. You get the idea.

It’s made me think back on all the snow days we had as kids, and how absolutely bonkers we went over having the day off from school. All the neighborhood kids and my siblings and I bundled up in snow gear – Randy from¬†A Christmas Story style – and spent nearly the entire day out in the cold. Seriously we were out there until it got dark some days. Which, yeah, you’re right, is like 4:00pm these days, but we started early (8:00 in the morning-ish), so it was still a long day of hurling snowballs and building snow forts. Someone always wound up getting injured and that often broke up the party.

My how snow days have changed. I had the day off, as did many adults in the area, and it was spent taking a long nap, walking the dog, and shoveling out my car (see above). It’s not nearly as fun when you get older, but it still is a beautiful sight to see.

Minnie and I walked to my parents a few blocks away in the snow (it was taller than her, but luckily most of the sidewalks were shoveled) to have lunch and relax. I captured these images along the way.

snow day!