Now is as good a time as any to get back into blogging. Oopsies. I’ve been wanting to share this session since I photographed it (so many months ago!), but I figure now that it’s the week of Jessie & Bran’s marriage, this would be the perfect opportunity!

Jessie and I met working at the same elementary school and hit it off almost right away. Now that I’ve been working there for 3 years, we are learning more & more how alike we are and I seriously couldn’t be more thrilled! Her and Bran have been together for… Forever. When Grace came along, it only solidified this beautiful couple’s love for each other. Now that they’re getting married (this Friday!), I’m sure all their family and friends can breathe a sigh of relief (it’s finally happening, right?!).

This session was so fun; Grace is an absolute pip and I wish she could be my photographer’s assistant on every session. She had such a great time that she wanted to give me a big hug at the end of the session, and it’s moments like those where I think one of two things: #1. UGH, I LOOOVE THIS JOB! and #2. I NEED A BABY RIGHT NOW. LOL. No, but really. I need a child like Grace in my life; she is a ball of energy & sass and I love it. I have a feeling she gets it from her mama. 😉

Thank you, Jessie & Bran for letting me capture these portraits for you and your sweet little fam. I had a fantastic time and I hope you did, too!

We got a runner!

Mom & Dad.

Alllllll the sassy pants.

The Cosmes