Oh, heyyy! Clare here. Again; as usual; as always; won’t leave you alone; making you say, “Please stop bothering me;” now making you roll your eyes; now making you laugh; now making you continue to read this post.

Anyway… Today I’m bringing you some more travel photographs! Today’s post is all about my trip to  VIENNA, AUSTRIA. Which is, to put it mildly, a pretty cool place. Think: yummy chocolate, good beer, cool architecture, Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music. I didn’t see any hills, but if I did, they sure as hell were alive with the sound of that music.

OK, I’m done with the pop culture Austria references. For now. Maybe. (Maybe you didn’t see the title of this post — not at all a reference to Billy Joel’s song Vienna).

We wined and dined in Vienna, my sister, my best friend Camilla, and me. I ate wiener schnitzel because, I mean, it’s a funny word, it’s tasty, and when in Rome… We drank a lot of Austrian beer, explored downtown a bit, and generally just enjoyed our time together.

Vienna, Austria